Season 2021/22 Registration

How to Register:


Have your Active Kids Voucher ready, or apply here.

Please note: If you do not use your Active Kids Voucher when registering, you will not be able to use it with us this season.

Please check you child/ren’s league age before registering here – Age Matrix

Registering 2 children & both using Active Kids Vouchers

You MUST register the 2 (or more) children on separate transactions. ONLY 1 x AKV can be used per transaction. If you try to register 2 (or more) children in one transaction, with their 2 (or more) Active kids vouchers IT WILL NOT WORK. If you are not planning to use AKV’s, you can register as many players in one transaction as you like.

Sibling Discount Pittwater Baseball is pleased to offer a sibling discounts.  Please contact our registrar to obtain the discount code prior to applying Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a sibling discount after payment has been taken. $20 discount for 2nd child, $30 discount for 3rd and any other child.

Technology Please do not attempt to register on a phone or tablet. Please use a computer.

League Age If you are unsure of your child’s league age, please refer to the this Age Matrix.

New to Baseball? Please select the youngest age division your child is able to play in. (eg if it is your child’s first year, and they are league age 11, please choose Little League Minor, not Major.)

Click the REGISTER NOW button (you will see it at the TOP and BOTTOM of the page)

Select a Playing Division based on your child’s League Age (League Age must be correct, otherwise you will be unable to complete registration). If you are unsure click here to check the Age Matrix

Scroll down and click REGISTER

Create your account or log in if you already have one

Click Add / Renew

Confirm the package is correct with a Qty of 1 next to the correct Playing Division

Check the box that matches your child’s league age. (You may need to scroll right to see this)

(Picture for reference, Division selected is Zooka)

Click continue

Enter all the details requested

Once all information is added click “Register”

You will now be on the Purchase Summary Page

*If you are claiming an Active kids Voucher: Enter the players date of birth as only DDMM format: eg for the 15th of March enter: 1503

Enter the Active kids voucher number without spaces and hit apply

*If you are applying a sibling discount for a second or subsequent child, enter the discount code and hit apply

Enter your credit card details

Click continue

Check all details are correct and then click make payment

You will then come to a page that has a summary of your payment

Your child is now registered.

Check your emails as you will receive a couple of emails

  1. User Confirmation Email (you need to click on Activate Account in this email.)
  2. Member Registration Confirmation
  3. Email Receipt